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Love, Priscilla

Bye 2014!

This entry is dedicated to 2014...a most wonderful year! I'm kinda late, writing this 6 days into the new year but hey...better late than never right?

In 2014, our little Preston completed his final year of preschool. It was a year where I saw him develop and grow into someone with a really strong (but shy) personality. He turned 6 towards the end of the year but thankfully, those chubby cheeks of his still remained and i could retain that little bit of "baby-ness" he has left. He continues to be a shy kid and i wonder if it's due to him being an only child but it takes him a lot of time to warm up to new people around him. Even kids! I have so much to say to him but perhaps, i'll do that in the form of an open letter.

2014 is a year i'll always remember as the year we travelled a lot! We did 4 family trips and ventured to new places together.

- January: Taiwan -- Taipei, Nantou, Cingjing
- May: Hong Kong
- September: Australia -- Mooloolaba/Sunshine Coast, Brisbane
- October: Hong Kong & Macau

Each of those trips was special and I really ought to blog about them so that I'll be able to remember everything that happened. A highlight was our September trip to Sunshine Coast because this is where Aug did his very first Ironman 70.3 and we were there to support him throughout the race. He did pretty well & we enjoyed ourselves so much in Australia.

On the work front, I felt that I finally came into my own. There were a few months when it was really tough because i was covering the duties of a dear colleague who was on maternity leave. During those months, I was basically doing the jobs of 2 persons but i'm very proud that i survived. My efforts were validated during a work review when my boss thanked me and i felt very much appreciated. I'm not gunning for any promotion but it would good to receive a deserving performance bonus in 2015 right? :p

For those who know, i have always wanted a second child. Actually, we continued trying to conceive throughout the year but every month, the stork decided to give our house a miss. There were moments i felt really down and there were moments of guilt when Preston casually mentioned that "nobody play (sic) with me". Towards the end of year, Aug and i decided that perhaps it's fated for us to have only one child. So we have decided to stop trying and instead, will be devoting our time, energy & resources to Preston. C'est la vie!

In November, our new house also turned 1 year old and until now, we are still very much enjoying our "new" abode. It's quiet and i like how the whole flat is bright & airy. We have pretty great neighbours and i started cooking a lot more in this house. I'm not a great cook but i have surprised myself with my culinary skills. The year saw us having a lot more home-cooked food and i became a firm believer in eating healthily instead of eating processed/convenience foods.

This post turned out to be a quasi-summary of 2014. May 2015 bring us a whole new year of milestones, wonderful moments and happiness.

Now i have just one wish...let me win Big Sweep tonight? :p

*knock knock* Anyone home?

 From blogging almost daily to this...a quiet space on the WWW.

I think i have lost my mojo to blog. Or maybe i'm too busy using spare time to spend it with my family instead of sitting in front of my laptop typing away.

Or it could be as simple as my laptop died on me. So truth be told, I've been "laptop-less" for more than 6 months. Tsk tsk, what about using ipad/iphone to blog? Trust me...it's just not the same! At times, long posts disappear after i've painstakingly typed every single letter using my iPhone. If not, I kept getting error messages while trying to upload a post.

This is getting so hard. And nowadays, it seems that no one really blogs anymore...they are mostly advertorials or reviews? I have done my fair share of reviews but writing to journal feelings & thoughts seem to be fast becoming a lost art.

So how? Should I continue to blog?

Part of me says "yes" as I still have so much to document about life, about Preston's growing years, about our travels (4 trips in 2014!) and everything else. This blog will serve as a memory lane for me.

Part of me says "no" as i have so much on my plate. I'm a FTWM with no helper and a child entering P1 in 2015. I should be spending time on him & family instead of writing.

I need to ponder somemore...

The durian-loving boy

Durian season is here!!!!

I have been dying (like really craving!) for durians for the past couple of weeks. However, Preston was down with a bout of gastric flu so I refrained from buying any home.

On Wednesday afternoon, I went to Preston's child care for a PTC (Parent-Teacher Conference...more on that in an upcoming post) and took him home earlier than usual. There was a pasar malam right opposite his childcare centre!! And there were 2 stalls selling durians.


And the stall owner was so great, opening each durian for me to sample and if it wasn't satisfactory, he would open another one for me. I very much wanted to get the 猫山王 (mao shan wang) type but figured it wasn't as "worth it" since now Aug is the one with stomach flu and can't eat durians. Preston would be happy with pretty much any durian variety so in the end, I bought 2 D24 durians!

The durians were Preston's dessert after dinner and they were yummy!!!! Creamy, soft, fragrant (to us the smell was wonderful) and sweet with tinges of bitterness.

No photos of my MIL & me but here are some of Preston enjoying his durians.

Oh yes, finger-licking good!

In case you couldn't tell, Preston really enjoyed eating the durians. He was going "mmmm" with a look of absolute bliss on his face while eating. He has loved eating this fruit since he was a baby. I guess me eating durians every fortnight during pregnancy helped? In any case, we started him young & fed him teeny bits when he was 8 to 10 months old. He started eating the flesh from one seed (scraped into a bowl) by himself with a spoon when he was 1+. Since then, it has been the point of no return & his fate as a durian-lover was sealed. Haha...

Now we are waiting for Aug to recover so that we can buy more durians and have a feast at home!

A couple of weeks back, I received a package from the PR folks of Secretive.sg and it contained 2 products from KLARITY™. There was a tube of CC cream & a 2-step sheet mask.

This review is only about the CC cream so do read on!

As you can see from the box, the rainbow hologram made it extremely hard to photograph but one can definitely read that this products has SPF30/PA++ and that it's paraben free.

I would have preferred a product with a 'PA+++' rating but I guess this isn't too bad.

According to KLARITY™ (which is a brand from Korea), this product is not tested on animals (yay!) and even contains diamond powder. However, the bling-bling powder is listed as the very last ingredient so don't expect much since the retail price is only S$29.

Let's talk about the packaging some more!

The CC lotion is housed in a silver squeeze tube, which looks really pretty standing on my dressing table. Opening the screw-top lid reveals an opening which is small enough to control the amount you prefer each time and yet the opening is large enough such that you don't end up squeezing only a teeny amount out each time.

Surprised that this CC lotion is white?? I thought it would "magically" turn into a skin-tinted hue like other Korean CC/BB creams but it didn't. So I decided to read the brochure more carefully. The manufacturer claims that this CC lotion has 11-in-1 functions! Here's what I copied from the website --

KLARITY™ Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion helps to restore your beauty with at least one tone lighter whitening effect instantaneously. The lotion is enriched with diamond powder, giving you the instant glow after application. Also enriched with wild rosehip extract, which is a source of powerful antioxidant, it helps to prolong skin youthfulness.

With sun screen factor SPF30/PA++, Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion protects your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing photo-aging and dark spots. This 11-in-1 multi functions CC lotion is light on skin and colorant free. The non-sticky and non-oily formula leaves skin smoother and hydrated.

11-in-1 Functions:

Useful tips:
1. The first CC cream with no colorant!
2. Waterproof, stay naturally fair no matter rain or shine.
3. Helps to reduce acnes, lightens acne marks, soothes itchiness, and lightens scar marks.

Ahh... So this is non-tinted CC product! And there are a lot of claims listed right??!! I squeezed out some and spread the product on the back of my hand.

It does blend in very well and there's a visible brightening in my skin tone.

Here's my bare naked face.
(Yikes, the things I do to write an honest review!)

And here's a photo taken after applying the CC lotion.

To make it somewhat easier to compare, here's a 'Before' and 'After'.

Since this is non-tinted, it definitely doesn't provide any coverage at all. As evident from the photo above, you can still see my (horrible) dark eye rings and larger pores are still visible.

However, my skin looks brighter and more hydrated. In fact, I checked the ingredient list and H2O is listed as the 1st ingredient. Applying this CC lotion feels more like applying a lightweight, water-based sunscreen on my face. Now, this IS what I like most about this product and lotion is a very apt word since the texture is definitely light i.e. not like a cream. I found it hydrating enough as a day moisturizer (for my normal/combi skin type) and it sat well on my skin without any stickiness. I also liked the delicate floral scent but if you are sensitive to scents, then you may not like it. It's not that big a deal though since the scent disappears soon after spreading the lotion on your face.

When I tested this for the 1st time, I applied my HG Lancôme powder foundation over it and here's the completed look below.

My skin doesn't look ghastly white or mask-like after applying makeup over it. Something which irks and scares me! My skin got shiny after 2-3pm, which is usual for me. Again, I wish it came with higher/better sun protection but I think the compromise would be the texture of this lotion.

Here's a photo of me again wearing and testing the CC lotion to work yesterday.

Overall verdict? B+

- lightweight
- hydrating
- didn't break me out
- comes with sun protection
- fuss-free packaging

- not tinted
- doesn't conceal skin problems
- only rated PA++

For the price, I would personally buy a tube to use as a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen. However, it would be necessary to still use concealer to hide blemishes and pigmentation.

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