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Bye 2014!

This entry is dedicated to 2014...a most wonderful year! I'm kinda late, writing this 6 days into the new year but hey...better late than never right?

In 2014, our little Preston completed his final year of preschool. It was a year where I saw him develop and grow into someone with a really strong (but shy) personality. He turned 6 towards the end of the year but thankfully, those chubby cheeks of his still remained and i could retain that little bit of "baby-ness" he has left. He continues to be a shy kid and i wonder if it's due to him being an only child but it takes him a lot of time to warm up to new people around him. Even kids! I have so much to say to him but perhaps, i'll do that in the form of an open letter.

2014 is a year i'll always remember as the year we travelled a lot! We did 4 family trips and ventured to new places together.

- January: Taiwan -- Taipei, Nantou, Cingjing
- May: Hong Kong
- September: Australia -- Mooloolaba/Sunshine Coast, Brisbane
- October: Hong Kong & Macau

Each of those trips was special and I really ought to blog about them so that I'll be able to remember everything that happened. A highlight was our September trip to Sunshine Coast because this is where Aug did his very first Ironman 70.3 and we were there to support him throughout the race. He did pretty well & we enjoyed ourselves so much in Australia.

On the work front, I felt that I finally came into my own. There were a few months when it was really tough because i was covering the duties of a dear colleague who was on maternity leave. During those months, I was basically doing the jobs of 2 persons but i'm very proud that i survived. My efforts were validated during a work review when my boss thanked me and i felt very much appreciated. I'm not gunning for any promotion but it would good to receive a deserving performance bonus in 2015 right? :p

For those who know, i have always wanted a second child. Actually, we continued trying to conceive throughout the year but every month, the stork decided to give our house a miss. There were moments i felt really down and there were moments of guilt when Preston casually mentioned that "nobody play (sic) with me". Towards the end of year, Aug and i decided that perhaps it's fated for us to have only one child. So we have decided to stop trying and instead, will be devoting our time, energy & resources to Preston. C'est la vie!

In November, our new house also turned 1 year old and until now, we are still very much enjoying our "new" abode. It's quiet and i like how the whole flat is bright & airy. We have pretty great neighbours and i started cooking a lot more in this house. I'm not a great cook but i have surprised myself with my culinary skills. The year saw us having a lot more home-cooked food and i became a firm believer in eating healthily instead of eating processed/convenience foods.

This post turned out to be a quasi-summary of 2014. May 2015 bring us a whole new year of milestones, wonderful moments and happiness.

Now i have just one wish...let me win Big Sweep tonight? :p


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Jan. 6th, 2015 08:12 am (UTC)
sounds like a great year in almost all aspects! glad that you aren't stressing yourself out over a second child but to take things as it comes. :)

happy 2015 to you dear!

- Cayce
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